Alchemy Cosmetics is a luxury makeup brand based out of Bushwick, Brooklyn in NY. The brand was created by stylists Barbara Alcazar and Christina Hiatt, based on the idea that while individual beauty can be complex, it can be simply expressed by remaining true to your self. 

Barbara Alcazar + Christina Hiatt

Barbara and Christina met in the spring of 2013 at a salon in north Brooklyn. Hired in the same week, they developed a partnership collaborating over cut and color, quickly realizing they shared a similar aesthetic and a love for lipstick.

Inspired by the magician of tarot tradition, which implores us to use our personal powers to make change and the trans-formative properties behind traditional alchemy, the makeup line aims to inspire beauty inside as well as out. 


Lip Color

The debut line, Alchemy's Matte Originals features highly pigmented, soft textured, matte lip color. Inspired by the neighborhood in which they live, the colors have playful names, reflecting the streets and landmarks of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Each tube is long lasting and packed with vitamin e, leaving the lips feeling as good as they look. The colors are free of parabens and tested on free.willing humans, never on animals.

The newest line, Alchemy's Luminescence gloss line features an array of glosses from clear to bright red that can be worn as sheer, soft color, or layered upon themselves or the Matte Originals for intense color pop. The colors are highly moisturizing and never sticky and named for the passionate business owners of some of the best hangouts in Brooklyn.  As always, each tube is free of parabens and tested on humans, never on animals.